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eLynxx Solutions provides cloud software to organizations for their own sourcing and managing of direct mail, marketing, publications, in-store signage, point of purchase, campaigns, labels, packaging, branding and all other print.

eLynxx cloud software decreases per unit costs up to 40% with your proven and trusted vendors, while ensuring quality and service. It increases operational efficiency more than 50%. It eliminates spreadsheets, email and disruptive phone calls. It smooths process, automates communication, manages milestones and provides instant reporting. eLynxx puts you in control.

eLynxx makes complex processes simple. It coordinates creative, specification writing, vendor identification and selection, price acquisition, approvals, milestone monitoring, proofing, change order management, quality assurance, diversity initiatives, automated communication, customized reports and all other operational details.

eLynxx can stand alone, be integrated into ERPs, general procurement and legacy systems, or used with in-house print facilities.

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Proven Financial Results

eLynxx cloud software achieves measurable per-unit savings up to 40% and more, beyond what any other competitive method can obtain. Its exclusive and patented method breaks the iron triangle by increasing quality and service, while substantially reducing price.

eLynxx provides control, transparency, accountability and instant reporting every step of the way. It boosts ROI by expanding coverage without expanding marketing spend.

Unlock Savings and Efficiency

Average Dollar Savings by Sector*
Associations 22%
Financial Services 30%
Health Care 31%
Higher Education 37%
Manufacturing 43%

*List does not represent all sectors served by eLynxx Solutions

Start Saving Time & Money

Easy to Use and Very Effective

eLynxx cloud software increases efficiency over 50%. It eliminates spreadsheets, emails, disruptive phone calls, unnecessary meetings and expensive change orders. It cuts crucial time out of the process to allow for breathing room in rush and crisis printing. It fosters collaboration through rights and roles based distribution of tasks. And its features provide complete control over the minute details unique to sourcing and managing print.

eLynxx empowers your people to strengthen your process and work with your vendors to achieve better results.

Strong, Experienced & Trusted

We value friendships and build partnerships based on honesty, transparency and accountability. Successful, satisfied clients drive our innovations. The savings clients enjoy on their projects overwhelmingly offset the subscription price that includes our exclusive sourcing method.
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Not a Broker, BPO or Printer

eLynxx Solutions is not a broker, business process outsourcer or printer. Nor do we stand between buyers and their vendors. Rather, we offer powerful yet easy-to-use software to empower your organization - pure and simple. eLynxx enables marketing to keep projects on-spec and on-time, purchasing to automate procurement tasks, finance to gain transparency and reporting, and the c-suite to promote cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Maintain Your Proven Relationships

Cloud Software Works Anywhere

eLynxx is solid and secure with 99.99% uptime. There is nothing to install, nothing to back up and no infrastructure to build or maintain. It tucks nicely within ERPs like SAP and Oracle as well as creative agency platforms and general procurement software like Ariba.

On Any Browser

eLynxx software works on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

On a Big Screen

eLynxx software works on Windows, Mac and Linux desktops, laptops, touch screens.

On the Go

eLynxx software works on tablets and smartphones running iOS or Android.

Print Procurement is More than Getting a Price

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Become Our Next Success Story

eLynxx cloud software is precisely tailored to your people, processes and vendors creating an environment for your continuing success. Organizations with whom we work benefit from putting the power of eLynxx cloud software and expert services at their fingertips.
  • Testimonial
    T. L., Idaho,

    Previously collateral ordering was handled via email. With eLynxx we have lowered our average per unit cost by 26%, and we are receiving timely deliveries. Overall I am very happy that we are using eLynxx software, not only for my own workflow and documentation but also for our company’s bottom line! 

  • Testimonial
    N.C., Pennsylvania,

    The training process was simple and the software is easy to use. In just one year, our cost savings has exceeded 45%. The technical support team responds within minutes and is friendly and professional.

  • Testimonial
    T. F., Pennsylvania,

    The eLynxx program enables us to receive the best price available in the market while providing automated operational controls that ensure we comply with our policy administration.

  • Testimonial
    B. E., Virginia,

    We selected eLynxx as our marketing supply chain solution, because it demonstrated best-in-class technologies and systems that met and exceeded our expectations.

  • Testimonial
    P.C., North Carolina,

    We are the leader in our industry for quality and service reasons. That does not mean that we do not watch our pennies. eLynxx showed us how to substantially reduce our out-of-pocket marketing costs, so that we could redirect the savings into expanded marketing opportunities. That has made a significant impact. Thank you, eLynxx.

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